Strona główna Pyrogirl explains…What is pyro? – do you for sure know it?

Pyrogirl explains…What is pyro? – do you for sure know it?

I’m Alice and it’s nice to see you here – on my blog. As you could see – theme of my page is pyro – pyro meaning, quotes and stories. Why? Why I decided to write about – what is pyro??
I would like to show you all that not only men are interested in pyro. And that pyro is not something dangerous and strange. Colored smoke bombs, fireworks or sparklers are also pyro, but it’s look great and could give you lots of fun.

When I began my adventure with pyrotechnics?

Last year when I were on football match. I’m not interested in football so much, but I had a day off and my and my friends had a free ticket for the match. It was first time when I saw smoke bombs and flares live. For me it was more interesting than play. Since then I started to be interested in pyro. How it works, where its came from, how to use pyro, what is the difference between various kind of firecrackers. At the beginning I did not even know… what is pyro!

My advice?

Don’t be afraid, when you hear “pyro”. If you don’t know something, it is good to get to know it, recognize and experience it.
What is pyro?
“Pyro” is an abbreviation of the word “pyrotechnics”. And what is pyrotechnics?
The most beautiful pyrotechnics definition, which I found:
“Pyrotechnics is the art of making fireworks”
It sounds great! But pyro meaning is much wider! Pyro products are also smoke bombs, flares, firecrackers, stroboscopes, roman-candles, sparklers and much more. And pyrotechnics is a real science! I don’t want to write here boring pyro definition. But you have to know that pyrotechnics is very fascinating and it’s amazing how people worked for centuries to come pyro. Today we cannot even imagine New Year’s Eve without fireworks!

What is pyro for me?

Hard question. I think it’s my new hobby. I like to explain the world around me. And I don’t like moments, when I don’t know something. On my blog I would like to explain you e.G. how to use smoke bombs or flares, how they work.. But remember I’m still a laic. Sometimes I’ll need your help or advices. So be here, read, comment and see you next time, when I’ll be writing about “where is pyro from?”.