Pyrogirls explains… Smoke bombs for photography – all you should know!

smoke bombs for photography

Sorry that you have to wait so long for new post, but this month I was veeery busy :/
Instead I have for you new hot topic! Today I tell you a little bit more about smoke bombs for photography! Who doesn’t love it? Perhaps you have tried it or if not – I’ll give you advice which smoke bombs will be the best to make a photos with it and where to buy smoke bombs for photography. So let’s start!

When I could make photos with smoke?

Nowadays photo sessions with smoke bombs are very popular. It is made without occasions, sometimes to betray the sex of the baby when women are pregnant and even on occasion of wedding. Smoke really great looks at photographies, so I’m not surprised that people are deciding on such sessions.

How to choose smoke bombs for photography?

When you are buying smoke bombs for photography you should think about three aspects – about colour, time of burning and type of pyro. Of course you could also think about price – but that’s obvious 😉
If smoke will be background of your photos – choose a color to match, for example, your outfit or the rest of the scene. You could also buy more than one smoke bombs and check – which color will be the best for your photographies.
Second important determinant – time. Making photos in smoke is like fight against time. Usually you have only about minute to make good photos – and you could imagine that this time is very short to take the best photo ever. So – choose products, which have the longest time of burning! 90 sec is for sure better than 60!
Third thing – type of pyrotechnics. Flares maybe look good on photos for matches, but if you are not an ultras and you want to make stylish photos – better buy one of smoke bombs which you could put on the ground.

Where to buy smoke bombs for photography?

Smoke bombs for photography you could buy in normal online store with pyro! Nothing easier!

If you have any photos with smoke – show it in comments!
Have a nice day!