Pyrogirl explains…What are sparklers made of? all you should know about sparklers

hand held sparklers

Today lot’s of magic -hand held sparklers! Yes! I know – it’s for kids, but I love it! And all the children that I know, too love it! Ok – all you should know about sparklers – what are sparklers made off, how much cost it and where to buy sparklers. Let’s start! And make it sparkle!

What are sparklers made of?

It’s quite easy – sparkler is made of:
a stiff metal wire approximately 20 cm
metallic fuel (mandatory to make sparks)
aluminium or magnesium or magnalium (producing white sparks)
iron (producing orange branching sparks)
titanium ( to produce rich white sparks)
ferrotitanium (to produce yellow-gold sparkles)
colorants, for colored flames.

How much sparklers cost?

It’s easy to buy cheap sparklers, because hand-held sparklers are cheap 😉 The price is about 1 Euro, but sometimes you could find even cheaper ones.

Where to buy sparklers?

In your favorite pyro shop, but sometimes (e.G. before Christmas) you can find it in markets. I bought sparklers online in dynamitshop (for 5 packages I paid euro. really).

So, now you know what are sparklers made of and where to buy sparklers in low prices. But maybe you don’t know for what purpose?
Let me explain – hand-held sparklers are great attraction for kids – if you don’t have your own kids, you could give it your nephews (like me), sparklers look great at parties birthday and on photos 😉
Don’t waste your time – have fun with sparklers!