Pyrogirl explains…Types of firecrackers – 7 well known types of firecrackers.

types of firecrackers

When you think about firecrackers, you think: “small, loud, in the form of a short tube”. You don’t even know how much you are wrong! There are many types of firecrackers! Today I’ll show you 7 well known kinds of this pyro. So…let’s start!
I present to you pictures of firecrackers:

1. The well known – short thin tubes petards. There are small firecrackers, usually in low price. But they are not so strong.
2. The most popular – medium tubes petard. Usually, they are loud firecrackers.
3. Big tubes – they are biggest firecrackers, but (I don’t know why) not sa popular. Most of people prefer smaller – medium petards.
4. Quiet funny petard – they look like balls or eggs (for me like Chupa Chups lollipop).
5. Firecrackers which look like bon bons – lollipops, bon bons – maybe it’s only my mind, but sweets and pyro have much in common 😀
6. Triangles – those look like tea bags. But – don’t try to make someone “pyro tea” !

And in the end…
My favourites…

7. Grenades! They look like real and it’s fun to throw the grenade (yes, it is!).

Which one of those types of firecrackers do you like the most?
Or maybe I have forgotten about something?
Write in comment!

Photos taken from the websites:
Sorry for graphics, but I was never a master of it 😉