Pyrogirl explains…How do flares work? Step by step

how do flares work

Last time we’re talking about define flares, this time I’ll explain you how do flares work and I’ll answer on yours questions: “how long do flares work?” and “where can I buy coloured smoke flares?”. So, let’s start!

How do flares work? How to light it up correctly?

There are two the most popular kinds of flares: handheld flares and rocket flares.
I’ll describe you how to light flare up correctly and safely. Follow me step by step 🙂
1. Find safe place.
2. Locate the cap at end of the flare.
3. Remove it.
4. Stand into the wind. Hold it as far from your face and body as you can.
5. Light up the flare. Be careful!
6. Carry flare away from yourself to avoid damage your clothes.

How long do flares work?

Flares work from 30 sec. to several minutes, it depends on the type of the flare. And they are usually visible up to about 5km.

And at last but not at least…Question from one of you..

Where can I buy coloured smoke flares?

If you are looking for pyroproducts, that’s obvious that you have to check shops with pyro. It you are buying firecrackers in online store with pyrotechnics, in the same shop you could find smoke flares, smoke bomb and others. You don’t have to ask about every product 😉

So, now you know how flares work and how to light it up. And I hope, you know where you can buy smoke flares, football flares and marine flares too.
Have a nice day!