Pyrogirl explains…Country where firecrackers are made

country where firecrackers are made

I was always interested in and want to find out – country where firecrackers are made. They were invented in China, but where they are now make?

Country where firecrackers are made

I found that still the biggest exporter of fireworks is China! Over 90% of all fireworks originate from there. Second is USA and third Spain. UK is on…14th place. So even not in the top 10.
Check those numbers! That was in 2015:
1. China: US$846.8 million (91% of total fireworks exports)
2. United States: $12.7 million (1.4%)
3. Spain: $12.6 million (1.4%)
4. Germany: $10.6 million (1.1%)
5. Poland: $7.2 million (0.8%)
6. Czech Republic: $6.3 million (0.7%)
7. Denmark: $4.6 million (0.5%)
8. Italy: $3.8 million (0.41%)
9. Netherlands: $3.5 million (0.37%)
10. Austria: $3.3 million (0.35%)*
Do you could imagine something like – US$ 846.8 million ??

The best pyro producers

For sure, every person, who are interested in pyro, could tell you which producers are the best and has highest quality pyro. I’ll tell you a little bit more about it
JORGE – it’s leading producer and importer of fireworks. It’s company from Poland. And if you are laic, don’t waist your time – Jorge has the best products.
TRIPLEX – they are also from Poland. This company won many awards for the best pyro in their country.
TROPIC – they produce their fireworks in China. They have over 350 products in offer.
SUREX – is a family business. Their slogan is: “our passion, your emotions” – so sweet!
KLASEK – they have already gained approx. 80% of the Czech and Slovak markets.
That is of top 5 producers, which I could recommend. What do you think about them? Do you like theirs products?
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