Pyrogirl explains…Smoke bombs – how to use? 10 easy steps

how smoke bombs work

How are you today?
If you still remember, as I say in my list note “What are smoke bombs made of” today I wanna say something about how to use smoke bombs. It’s not very complicated but many people does not apply to basic safety rules, which could be really dangerous, so I present you my advices :

How to use smoke bombs:

1. Always read instruction! Even if you think that you know everything and that will be your 100 time.
2. Find out if yours smoke bomb is hand-held or not. It’s very important and you have to know it!
3. If you are planning to hold a bomb or flare in hand, make sure that you are wearing clothes that can get dirty (smoke could stain material). Don’t wear clothes of plastics flammable materials.
4. If you want to use smoke bombs, check that you won’t disturb anyone. Even if you are in your backyard, remember that your bomb create a smoke effect and the smoke will fly farther!
5. Be careful. If something bothers you, you better step away from the smoke bomb and wait.

Ok, if you know everything – let’s start and check how to use smoke bombs – step by step!:
1. Buy smoke bombs good quality from safe store.
2. Read instruction and check if the product is not damaged.
3. Find a big empty space where you will not bother anyone.
4. Wear safe clothes.
5. Fire up your pyro.
6. If it’s necessary, keep a safe distance.
7. When the bomb stops emitting smoke, wait a minute.
8. Dispose safely remnants of smoke bomb.
9. Buy another bomb.
10. Make everything the same like last time 😉

So have fun! And see you next time, when I will be presenting types of firecrackers 😉