Pyrogirl explains…What are smoke bombs made of?

what are smoke bombs made of

What are smoke bombs?

Maybe some of you are great fans of firecrackers, maybe some love fireworks show, but if I have to choose – I would say that the best are smoke bombs. I love them since I saw them first time. The plans I have also a photo session with colored smoke, but I’m waiting to better weather. Today I would like to say you some notice, what are smoke bombs made of and maybe I’ll answer for question “where can I buy smoke bombs?” – of course if you would like to know 😉

My first smoke bomb…

I had bought it last year. But I even didn’t know how tu use it. Really. My friend had to fire it up.

Second time…

Second time was great! Before fire up, I red instruction and all informations about it (as I should before first time). I regret that I don’t have any photos, but I was so excited. I remember – first was Red and second blue (Blue smoke bomb was better) – both from

What are smoke bombs made of?

Smoke bombs are mix of an oxidizer, a fuel (generally sugar) and moderator (such as sodium bicarbonate). Colored smoke bombs have also colorful pigment or dye.

Where can I buy smoke bombs?

Did you know that was my first question after I saw smoke bombs on match one day? 😀 My friend says “You? Smoke bombs?! You must be crazy!”, so I repeated calmly “where can I buy smoke bombs?” and he had to help me. He advised me to do shop in a big online store with fireworks, which I had today already mentioned – If you are interested in and you would like to know – is it good shop? Yes, it’s nice. I ordered products there twice last year and everything was ok. But in this year I found another special place. Probably I wouldn’t change store, but this new one had really low prices. If you are wondering – which shop is it, don’t wait any more. It’s I ordered there in January smoke bombs with 30% discount – that’s crazy. Of course – you decided. I write you only, where I buy pyro. Maybe you have got your own “special place”?
Do you know that smoke bombs have many different colors and shapes? Check it all out! GALERIA!
And at the end…
NOTICE: Do you know who was a smoke bomb inventor ?
Robert Yale from UK.
He created it in 1848.

In my next note you will know how to use smoke bombs – so read and don’t make never my mistakes 😉