Pyrogirl explains…Where is pyro from? – short history, which you have to know!

where is pyro from

Today I would like to tell you something about where is pyro from and present you short history of pyrotechnics (it won’t be boring like in school).

Where is pyro from?

For sure you don’t know, but the pyrotechnics history started in ancient China! Chinese invented the first firecrackers, but they didn’t look like the ones that you can buy now in pyroshop. It were dried bamboo stalks which emit a noisy crack when thrown on a fire. Quiet easy and funny but Chinese believed that it could bring them happiness, luck and protect them against mountain men and… devil spirits.
Sorry, where are mine bamboo stalks??! 😉

Important part of pyrotechnics history is gun powder invention.

When was gun powder invented?

Gun power (also known as black power) was a mix of sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate, which was the first known chemical explosive. We don’t know exactly when was gun power invented. Probably, as some stories says, black power was invented by Taoist alchemist in China in 9th century. In England black power first time appears in philosopher Roger Bacon’s text in 13th century.

Fireworks history

Fireworks were too Chinese invention. The first records on this subject come from the 7th century. Much later (probably in 13th century as gun power) they reached Europe. Then, very quickly fireworks become popular. They were using for military and peaceful purposes. Especially, fireworks have become widespread in Italy and Spain. They graced the festival and carnival fun. Just like now.
It is interesting that in 1570s Queen Elizabeth I also enjoyed fireworks displays.

In my opinion the history of pyrotechnics is fascinating. I spend many evenings to read about it in Internet and it’s just little part of my knowledge 😉 If you want to ask about something – just do it 😉 I’ll try to answer you for sure 😉